Life Not Expected
Julio (Jay) Cesar Millan △▼ 22. ☯Let it be air and breath. ☯ Messy writer, Graphic Design student and Moon Lover. △

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Page 3: Books>Air

I still have the same pack of cigarettes. I put one in my mouth, then take it out and put it back in the pack. Sometimes I think I act like that character from that book you loved so much. The thing in my stars or something like that was the name. You were always the one with the better memory ether way. Watching your book shelf as become a hobby of mine. You kept even the one you didn’t like. ”Throwing a book away is like destroying part of who you are. Yes you may not like one thing about you, but that thing you don’t like will always be a reminder that there is better. Ether way, throwing a book away is a sin that Zeus himself will curse you for.” I remember you said once and I also remember I didn’t know what the fuck you were talking about. But still, is was home for you. You love books even more than air I would bet. So I kept the books in the exact way you left them, it was part of you.

By Jay Millan(Moon Lover)

Page 2: Olives

Mom came to visit.She always nagged about how dirty the apartment was and that I don’t call her enough. ”It wouldn’t’t kill you to clean a little you know. The place looks abandoned.” She said while immediately getting a duster and swiping the dust out of the kitchen counter. ”I don’t have time mom, I’m a very busy man.” I said while leaving the bathroom. ” A busy man? You go from here to work and back, you do nothing more.” She said raising an eyebrow. ”That, if you don’t believe me takes a lot of energy.” I lay in my bed while she continued to mutter. I woked up a half hour later and went to the kitchen. Opened a cabinet… “Mom” I said ”Yes dear?” she replied. ”Where’s the jar of olives that was here?” ”Olives?” She said trying to remember. ”Yes, there was a jar of olives right here in the top cabinet.” I said raising my voice a little. ” Oh! I threw it away. They were bad.” she said. ”YOU WHAT!!” I said. ”What? They were bad already.” She said with eyes wide open. ”No! I need to buy a new jar.” I said. ”You don’t even like olives. What are you talking about?” she said a little mad. ”No,I need to go buy a new jar.” I said closing the door behind me. She was right thou, I didn’t like olives. I despise them actually. But your eyes were like olives. Nothing reminded me more of you eyes than that disgusting little vegetable. But still, your eyes melted my fears to the perfect shape of home. I had to have them.

By Jay Millan( Moon Lover)


I hope my mouth forgets
the vibrations whispering your
name creates.
Last time the shots of vodka weren’t
enough to swallowed back.
I thought I taught my lips not to say it out loud
just to prevent my ears from getting
hooked with you again.
Like heartbeats that match
the rhythm of every
step you take away from me.
I hope my mouth forgets,
the addicting vibrations whispering your
name creates.

By Jay Millan( Moon Lover)


My imagination is at it best when the thoughts
of my fingers running all over your thighs, hit me like lightning,
The veins, on your pale skin design a path so tempting
that it only comes with a risky one way ticket.
Stretch marks right around your hips
decorate beautifully the fact that perfect
is not a worthy word to describe you.
Oh, did I mention I’m a risk taker?

By:Jay Millan(Moon Lover)

Page 1: Peaches

I’ve had the same pack of cigarettes since last year.
Every now and then I take one out, put in my mouth and imagine you yelling to me “PUT IT BACK!”. Sometimes when I’m watching your favorite show I get lost in thought imagining what would you say. It probably be something like “Ugh! I hate that guy. He does not know how to treat a lady, change the channel.” I would change it, even thou I already knew you would say “Now change it back, I’m not mad at him anymore.” Walking around town I always stop by the same fruit stand, more often than sometimes. “You always come here and you never buy anything. You just stand always by the peaches and do nothing.” Said the lady from the stand. “It helps me remember.” I said. “Remember what?” she said confused. “Hope” I said and walk away while she continues to look at me like if I was out of my mind. You always smelled of peaches and fresh peaches are the only thing that come close of feeling like you.

By Jay Millan( Moon Lover)


True beauty is in the freckles
all over her face.
In her crooked tooth.
In her little splines in her body.
In the mornings with no make up.
In hers ” I love you”.
True beauty
is IN her.

By Jay Millan( Moon Lover)

Los Cachivaches de Musa | By Musa (Yoli de Jesús)


Los Cachivaches de Musa es un “archivo” para mis escritos. Publicaré los escritos con el fin de obtener sus más honestas críticas para poder realizar una de mis pasiones, mejorar como escritora. Espero que disfruten de los mismos.


what really affects me is the way his hand tremble after stabbing obito